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Butchers & Barons owner Maarten

Hi, Maarten here!

Since 2020, I’ve been running Butchers & Barons primarily after hours from our garage, which we transformed into a workshop.
However, this story didn’t start there.

My wife Audrey and I founded the f(r)amily-inspired clothing brand Mangos on Monday back in 2018. We exclusively use GOTS certified organic cotton, and all of our printing and embroidery is done in-house. By using blank shirts we can create numerous designs quickly without having to factor in factory development or worry about excess stock, allowing us to offer greater flexibility and manoeuvre between seasons and collections. Once your shirt is printed, we prepare your package and ship it directly from our studio in Belgium.

As much as I enjoyed working on Mangos on Monday, I felt limited in my ability to express my love for motorcycles and tattoos through illustrations.
Thus, the idea for a second brand was born: Butchers & Barons, a tattoo and motorcycle-inspired apparel brand.

“In a world scarred by conflict and distrust, Butchers & Barons join knives and monocles to form a united front. We bring a mix of rebellion and rough-edged class to your closet.
It’s no longer us and them. It’s we. Let’s unite.
Are you in?”

Our Butchers collection caters to skull illustration enthusiasts, while our Barons collection provides options for those who prefer a more minimalist look. Purchasing B&B basics helps move towards a more sustainable world since all our clothing is made from organic cotton and proudly carries the FairTrade label. Once you’ve worn one of our t-shirts or hoodies, you’ll notice the quality difference compared to mass-produced brands.

To those who have placed or are considering placing orders with Butchers & Barons, thank you for supporting a small, local business. It brings me immense joy, and I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

– Maarten

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